Good Librarians Are…

The poem posted below details the charcateristics of a good libraian. Tis my hope that all librarians are as such. Agreed?


The best ones fathom
the anxieties of trolls:
decaying bridges,
the keen edge of swords.

They care for the goblins
that cower between the pages
of fairytales and the dragons
that spit fire, smudging

the ink little boys
dream of living.
Hair buns are but a ploy.
Librarians share council

with Merlin and, with Gandalf,
wield arms against the corruption
of hobbits and men. With a wink
and a wave, they brave the tempest,

pick the pockets of pirates,
sharing their horde
with a circle of children,
wide eyed and afeared,

dangling from the spire
of the very next word.


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