2015: With Eyes Wide Open

Here, on the brink of a new year, look for what is always present, but rarely seen and dress yourself in a new skin. Happy New Year all. God bless.

Eyes Wide Open

As the sun rises,
be quick about it;
mix the dust
that sugars the window blinds
with a splash of red wine

and a cat’s tear
in a coffee mug,
chipped and stained
with age, and place
the mug under a tree

that filters the sunlight just so.
The blend will warm, thicken
enough to entice the sprites
that lace the tree limbs
with their flight,

but look from the house,
peer through a window.
Too often, magic cannot
tolerate our presence.
And hold your eyes open

for as longs as you can.
Once you blink,
the enchantment is lost.


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