WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge reads, “While we love bananas, lemons, and peppers (and you’re more than welcome to show us your yummy, fresh produce), challenge yourself to think beyond fruits and veggies. It could be the pencil you’ve worn down to the nub making holiday to-do lists, the flaxen locks of your child, an eye-catching bit of ribbon, a macro shot of a piece of handed-down amber jewelry, a glass of bubbly champagne, or even a three-photo essay on the way sunlight lands in different areas in your home at different times of the day.”

Here’s a photo I took this past autumn. It screams yellow.

photo by S. Thomas Summers
photo by S. Thomas Summers

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”


4 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow

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