WordPress Photo Challenge: Signs

photo by S. Thomas Summers

Often, especially during this time of year, I take to the woods. Stepping away for a time allows me to regroup. I can think and pray and imagine. In the woods, I find myself, Jesus, and now and then, a troll or two. (Those trolls help me write!!) I may walk for miles, but I always return refreshed and renewed.

Here are a few photos from some of my recent treks between the trees. The photo of the sign well fits this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. The challenge is titled SignsIt reads “From the street signs we see on our commute to work each day to the vintage neon signs put to rest in an outdoor museum in Las Vegas, signs are functional, but can also be decorative. Signs can direct us where to go, but they’re also pieces of art, which reveal much about the time period and culture in which they were made.

For those of you who have a less literal approach to our photo challenges, a sign can also be a gesture or a cue. Something welcome. Or mysterious. Or even foreboding.”

Like my sign?

Who’s up for a hike?

photo by S. Thomas Summers
photo by S. Thomas Summers
photo by S. Thomas Summers
photos by S. Thomas Summers

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