Cave Drawings Discovered in Northern New Jersey

a Vernon cave drawing

The following is taken from an article published on 8.6.14 in a New Jersey newspaper, The Star Herald.

Cave drawings were discovered by a Appalachian Trail hiker yesterday in Vernon, New Jersey. According to police and the Vernon Historical Federation, experts have been called to review and date the drawings.

Tyler Sham, 19, discovered the drawings on August 5. A Maine resident, Sham was traveling northward on the Trail, making his way home.

According to Sham, he decided to explore a rock formation not far from the Trail. Finding space that allowed him to slip into the rock formation, Sham discovered a large hole in the ground that led to a large cavity beneath the rock formation. Sham said he discovered the drawings when he entered that cavity.

“There are several drawings. All of them are dragons. They look old, but I can’t be sure,” said Sham. “It’s cool and creepy. People usually draw stuff of things they see. Maybe there were dragons around a long time ago.”

Local officials agree that the drawings “look old,” but it’s they are unable to confirm the drawings’ age(s).

Archeologists affiliated with the Museum of Natural History in New York City and the Smithsonian Institute of Washington DC will examine the drawings shortly.

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