An Ogre’s Lament

Humans – they stink. They taste bad too; yet I eat them because they’re lazy, easy to catch. And they’s stupid…but isn’t the ogre who eats a fool a fool himself? Am I not as lazy as a human? And when I eat them, aren’t I eating something that tastes like dragon dung? Most certainly, I am a fool. Still, tonight, I’ll eat a human or two. Hopefully, I’ll find, at least, one fat one. Fat ones seem to taste better.


2 thoughts on “An Ogre’s Lament

  1. I must have missed this one back in July. Boy, this guy could give us humans a complex, couldn’t he?

    I’ve been telling my Writing Poetry, Level 1 students about your work. We could spend only so much time on each different kind of poetry, since it was a short class this time, but I told them about your books relating realistic civil war experiences all in poetic form. I hope they come to your site and visit.


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