The Pipe – It’s in His Pipe

“He’s coming,” said the knight nervously. Only small areas of his tarnished armor caught the sun, reflected it back into the aging day.

“Yes, I know,” the wizard answered calmly.

The knight was frustrated, disturbed at the wizard’s apathy.

“Old man, you realize that the fate…the fate of everything is bound to the heart of that man. He will save or damn us all.”

“Yes, I understand,” said the old sage, as he bit into a large red apple.

The knight’s anger had begun to burn.

“Are you preparing a spell? Are you making come concoction? How will know if this man is our savior or doom? How will you know?!?!

“His pipe.”

“His pipe?!”

“Yes, his pipe.”

“What will his pipe tell you? The knight’s face had turned a frightening red.


“But what if he doesn’t smoke a pipe?”

“You’ll kill him,” said the wizard, biting his apple once again.


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