Dinner at the Goblins’

“Humans again,” complained Sonza the she-goblin. Her pot belly kept her huge breasts from touching the ground. Her skin was earth colored and thick with warts. Tufts of dark, wiry hair hung from her armpits. “I’m tired of human flesh.”

“Stop complaining you heavy bag!”

Slouchrut, Sonza’s husband, had breasts as large and heavy as his wife’s, but he wasn’t as hairy. He tossed three humans, two men and a chubby child, in a pen made of small trees at the rear of their cave. “But they’re so easy to catch. Eat them raw this time. Maybe they’ll taste better.”

“Maybe,” said Sonza.” Let’s eat.”


2 thoughts on “Dinner at the Goblins’

  1. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading this while I was eating lunch. But the first paragraph pulled me in. Your description of her was so graphic and detailed that it caught me and wouldn’t let go. (Actually, I have to admit I laughed at how ugly you managed to make her, and how I was almost sure you enjoyed writing every word.) Very good work here.


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