Bullets Never Miss

I keep several journals, hand written journals.  One is a collection of musings, bits of creative writings. Below (in bold print), I share what I wrote in that journal yesterday.

Imagine yourself in the old west. Dust is everywhere. The sun is bright and high. You step into a saloon, step to the bar, order a drink. You notice an old timer sitting alone at a table. He’s sipping whiskey. His back seems crooked. His whiskers are as course as barbed wire. He’s mumbling something – to no one. You listen.

Bullets never miss. Guns never miss. The ass who pulls the trigger, he’s the one who misses. Don’t want to be that ass? Then make sure you, your gun, and your bullet all agree. It’s as simple as that.

“Wisdom,” you say to yourself and finish your drink.



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