The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

This morning, I stumbled upon a short article titled The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. According to the article, there are the seven deadly sins:

1. Laziness
2. Trying to be a good student
3. Marching down the outline
4. Denying jealousy (and envy)
5. Focusing to heavily on the business
6. Not reading books
7. Imitation

Here are my personal seven deadly sins of writing:

1. Siting in an uncomfortable chair (my back is killing me now)
2. Silence – it kills creativity (hustle and bustle is needed)
3. Writing without a cup of hot coffee (sip, sip…)
4. While writing a novel/book, telling people you’re writing a novel/book (snobby)
5. Over editing (write now, edit later)
6. Not sitting near a window (ya gotta see stuff)
7. Spending too much time crafting blog entries (gotta run)

Have a few writing sins of your own? Let’s hear them!


6 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

  1. Well now, Scott, what do you have to say for yourself? You just told us in a recent article that you were writing two different projects. So by your own definition here, you are a “snob.” I think you’d better go back and “edit” this blog entry. (Gotcha! grin, grin)


      1. I know I’m a little bit of a meany, but I just could not resist teasing you a smidgen — particularly about the editing. Your post made me think of one of my favorite quotations (which I keep stuck on the front of my printer). It says, “Sometime after the 10th revision, you have to let it go.” Never have discovered who said it, but they were undoubtedly a very wise writer.


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