On This Day in History – 1865

Although I’m no expert, I do very much enjoy studying history. Said studies have become the inspiration and molded much of my writing.

On this day in 1865, a very important meeting in American history took place. “On this day in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln met with Union generals Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman at City Point, Virginia, to plot the last stages of the Civil War.

Lincoln went to Virginia just as Grant was preparing to attack Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s lines around Petersburg and Richmond, an assault that promised to end the siege that had dragged on for 10 months. Meanwhile, Sherman’s force was steamrolling northward through the Carolinas. The three architects of Union victory convened for the first time as a group–Lincoln and Sherman had never met—at Grant’s City Point headquarters at the general-in-chief’s request (This Day in History – History Channel Website).

The following is a poem that was published in The Atlantic a while back. It speaks of Sherman’s invasion of Atlanta, an event that took place not long after the meeting described above.

A Union Soldier Recounts the Burning of Atlanta

A local boy said the smoke was darker
than the walls of a heifer’s ass,
but Gen. Sherman strolled right through it as if molded
from soot. The haze gathered behind him
like the Reaper’s cloak. Hiking out, heat stabbed
our backs like bayonets; Remember Atlanta boys,
the general barked.Even hell’s on our side.
From then on I assumed I was marching
behind Satan himself. Sin or not, I was pleased as pie.



3 thoughts on “On This Day in History – 1865

  1. One of the curiosities of history, for me, is the fact that at the precise same time as the US Civil War, another war (really, series of wars) was being fought in New Zealand. They were not quite ‘civil’ wars, but there are many parallels. The 150th anniversaries of the larger battles are all coming up in a few months.


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