To Shake Hands with a Goblin: a Fable (Part II)

As promised, here’s part two of the story I posted yesterday.


“I’m to do what the king commands me to do,” I answered curtly. “He commanded me to escort you to the arena so that’s what I’m doing.”

We walked in silence for sometime. The clouds that littered the sky began to part and allow the afternoon sun to beam through them like great spears of light. Then, the goblin stopped.

“Just kill me now, knight,” the goblin proclaimed. “Stick that blade through my heart, slit my throat, it don’t matter. Just get it done here and now.”

“I will not,” I yelled. “The king wants you in the arena.”

“Well, you’re gonna need to pick me up and carry me cause I ain’t walkin’ no more.” The goblin dropped to its knees and began to snicker.

I considered yelling, screaming, swinging my sword, but goblins don’t scare. They are creatures that do not fear. They do not fear anything. I thought of granting the goblin’s wish, puncturing its heart with my steel, but why let this damn goblin have its way. No, I couldn’t do that. Therefore, I had only one option, for I was obviously unable and unwilling to carry a goblin the 15 miles or so that stretched between the kingdom, the arena, and the space the goblin and I occupied in the wood. Therefore, I had only one option.

I dipped the tip of my sword into the locks that shackled the goblin’s wrists and ankles, and, as one would twist a key, I twisted my sword and the goblin was free. Then I plunged my sword into the ground before me, speared my eyes into the eyes of my now freed prisoner, and waited, frustratingly, for that beast, that ugly, stinky, foul, rotten, terrible goblin to kill me. Today, I thought, I die a young man.

 Part III will be posted soon.


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