There Be Leprechauns

It was a leprechaun, no doubt. His eyes were are green as the leaves hanging from the trees above us and his hair was red, like fire. He wore a forest green derby hat with a white feather tucked in its Band. His knickers and jacket were the color of his hat. His stockings and shirt beamed – the brightest yellow I had ever seen. And, of course, his shoes were black, well polished, and decorated with large silver buckles. He sat on a large, black pot of golden coins.

He wasn’t surprised to see me. I’m sure he heard me coming up the trail, the same trail I walk on fine, sunny, spring days such as that day was. He smiled at me – not a kind smile, but a mischievous smile. He had a bit of the devil in him. I smiled back, tipping my hat before I continued down the trail.

As I past the green, wee fellow, he said to me, “Aren’t you wantin’ this gold I’m perched on? It’s the purest pile of gold that ever did be.”

“Good, sir,” I replied. “You’ve already given me all the gold I need. It was a fine smile, indeed. So now, I only wish to pass for it is a good day to walk. Linger I shan’t no more.”

“Aye, tis a good day,” said the leprechaun. Then he flipped me a gold coin. I snatched from the air. Held it in my first. “Go buy you wife a pretty dress and a good night you will have as well.”

A quick wind stirred the trees and I looked up to see the their leaves dance. When I returned my eyes to where the leprechaun was sitting, he was gone, as was his gold.

I smiled and bowed. “Thank you, fine sir. My wife thanks you as well.”

I turned toward the village from whence I came. I had a dress to buy.

Oh yes – it was a good night, just as the leprechaun had promised.


30 thoughts on “There Be Leprechauns

  1. Of course, I’ll say something, Scott. A fine bit o’ writin’ this is for such a time o’ year as this. Many Leprechaun stories go dark, so it was a relief to find a happy ending here. Nicely handled.

    Kind regards,
    Marie Gail


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      1. I wouldn’t miss it. Besides, you’re one of my featured bloggers on my blog. I gotta keep my eye on you and what kind of characters you bump into in that head of yours. 🙂


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