The Stern, Stern Eyes of Uncle Sam

On this day in 1852, an Uncle Sam cartoon appeared for the first time in a publication titled the N.Y. Lantern.

Uncle Sam has always inspired a bit of awe in me, and a bit of fear. As a child, I thought he must be a powerful, powerful man. Although, his white hair fell like age upon his shoulders, his eyes reminded me of my grandfather’s blue eyes, my grandfather’s strong, blue eyes.

Uncle Sam

Pop, my grandfather, was a minister. On Sundays, I sat in his church, the Memorial Church of Totowa (Totowa, New Jersey), with my parents and sister. Now and then, he would lean on his pulpit, and, with a stern, stern face, point at members of his congregation, point at me. It was terrifying and awe-inspiring all at once.

Happy birthday, Uncle Sam.

I miss ya, Pop. Love ya too. I’ll see you soon.


One thought on “The Stern, Stern Eyes of Uncle Sam

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