This Poet has Something to Sell

A recent article in a publication known as the Telegraph focuses on how many poets, and/or their likenesses, are being used by advertisers to sell, well to sell all kinds of stuff.

Old Bill Shakespeare is selling jeans. Walt Whitman is pushing iPads.

Now, I’m thinking. I’m a poet. What could I sell? Hmmm?

1. It’d be fun to sell comic books. I could pin a red S on my chest – Superpoet!!

2. Maybe sunglasses? Yeah, sunglasses. They’re cool. I’m cool – ya think?

3. Wine. Poets are smooth and robust with hints of smokey-nut-undertones. I admit it. I am a smokey nut I am.

4. Pipe tobacco. All poets should smoke a pipe. I better start soon.

5. Stamps. Poet’s write letters!! Besides, the United States Postal Service needs some help.

13 thoughts on “This Poet has Something to Sell

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