Rusted Steel and Jagged Fang

Yes, I confess. My imagination is running wild. I am currently writing a novel about a troll, a child, and a Bible. Besides, my son and I are often found in various realms and magical places. Here’s a bit of where we’ve been.

The goblin horde before us came
with rusted steel and jagged fang
to slay the breath our children breathe,
to slay the songs to them we sing

about the swords of yesterday
that swung before each charging foe.
With gleaming steel, and iron pride,
men gave their lives, both breath and bone.

And on this day, new heroes born
will bleed the blood of days before;
freedom’s glow will not be dimmed,
so today, we march to war.

18 thoughts on “Rusted Steel and Jagged Fang

  1. Well, it sounds like you’re in some serious combat. I like this poem.

    I really like the new background too, but I noticed — at least on my screen — your title doesn’t have enough contrast to show up well, and your subtitle gets really washed out. Does your theme allow you to change the color of the title font? If you can set the title and subtitle to white — or some alternate contrasting color — they will stand out better.

    Of course, you may still want them black, and — after all — it really is YOUR blog.


      1. Oh, my! You changed everything! You have some of the best book collection backgrounds. I do like the pen as well. I had a pen as my header picture for several months when I first started on here. The title shows up really clearly now.

        Everyone isn’t like me, I’m sure, but when I visit a site, if I can’t read their heading material, it really does interfere with my enjoyment of the site. I guess I feel that I can “connect” with the host so much better if I can read everything without having to work at figuring out the words. I wish mine would allow me to make my subtitle larger, but it doesn’t give me that option. However, that particular theme gives me some other things I need so I’m still using it for now.

        I hope you know I wasn’t meaning to interfere. I just thought maybe you hadn’t realized that the words were hard to read in black with that background.


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