Writing Tip: And Let Us Take the Deep Breath and Plunge into Words

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I find it vital to write everyday. I’ve also noted that said writing doesn’t always need to be words crafted toward completion of my novel (just started one) or my current poetry project (After writing two volumes of Civil War poetry and seeing them both published, I’m working on a manuscript that revolves around the outlaw Jesse James.)

One of the ways I meet my goal to write everyday is to write simple poems that allow me, in writing them, is discover a new world, an alternate world…wonderful worlds.

Last night, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. That world appeals to me: the sea, the swords, the magic, the treasures, the adventure…the rum. Therefore, I enter that world by writing about it. I take part in the adventure and thus am motivate to write even more, to adventure more.

Keep writing fun. Ride your words into adventure, even if that adventure is a small one.

Between the swells
of salt and foam
the kracken’s claws
and heart do roam

and so the moon
shall watch me test
that creature’s might,
the ocean’s breath.

I fear the deep
my heart will crush;
within its fist
will die my wish

to find a home
upon some shore
where Triton’s spear
can reach no more.


10 thoughts on “Writing Tip: And Let Us Take the Deep Breath and Plunge into Words

  1. I like this very much.

    And, boy, do I agree that it’s important to keep writing fun. Honestly, if I didn’t find it fun — even in the midst of struggling to get a book to come out right — I know I wouldn’t do it at all. One thing I really like about the 100-word challenges and similar activities here on WP is that they give me a chance to move back and forth from a major project to something short and sweet and fun. I’ve never done one of those for any other reason except for the enjoyment. It sort of revs my writing motor a little more.


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