Two Minute Book Review: Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly

As a lover of history and a Christian, a follower of Christ, I found Killing Jesus to be a simple, not simplistic, concise, informative read.

The information presented, on a purely historical level, is fascinating. O’Reilly explores Roman history (the murder of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra’s relationship with Caesar and Rome, etc. ) and explains how that history had a direct impact on Jesus’s life and death.

Furthermore, Killing Jesus uncovers and explains how Jewish customs/laws and Jewish religious leaders (pharisees, sadducees, etc.) helped usher Jesus toward death.

Finally, on a spiritual level, a level O’Reilly does not deliberately attempt to present, Killing Jesus allowed me to see Jesus as a man. I’ve always considered Him my God, my savior, and He is; yet, He is also a man, wrapped in human skin, cursed with human fears, human limitations, and human temptations. Seeing Jesus in that skin has well strengthened my faith in Him.


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