A Novel: Sentence One

Troll?I promised myself that 2014 would see the beginning of my novel, a project I’ve never really embraced, although I’ve wanted to. I’m a poet. I don’t write fiction. Fiction is scary. Well, we all need to dip a toe into a hot bath of water before we take the plunge.

Here’s my novel’s first sentence, but I reserve the right to edit and revise.

Gruntlug was a troll and, like all trolls, he had a terribly large nose, his broad shoulders were able to bear the weight of almost any burden, his skin, covered in large warts, as rough as tree bark, and as thick as leather, was green, like pine needles, and his breath was as foul as swamp water, but he was not unkind; no, Gruntlug was not unkind at all.

Now, wish me lots of luck. I’ll need it if I’m to write anymore.


15 thoughts on “A Novel: Sentence One

  1. Hey, I just had a thought: If you scatter a couple periods into that long first sentence, you could make it 3 sentences, and then you’d be three times as far along on your novel as you were originally.

    Now I’ll make my editorial comment: If he has a “terribly large nose,” you won’t be able to use that picture. Did you notice that although his snout and mouth are large, his actual nose (with the ring in it) is quite small compared to the rest of him? However, I really do like that picture. Maybe you could re-word the description a little to match it, huh?

    Don’t you just love this? You write one sentence and somebody else comes along and finds something to complain about.


      1. I really was just trying to be funny, suggesting you could be three times further along with 3 sentences compared to one. I like the picture very much. Too bad it isn’t Gruntlug.


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