Janurary 1, 2014 – Enchantment

Much has been said about the pre-Romantic poet William Blake and his apparent relationship with angels.

An article by Johanna Skilling states that”Blake believed much of his inspiration came from his lifetime encounters with angels. Born in London in November 1757, young William was only 10 years old when he saw a vision of angels clustered in the branches of a tree near his home. From then on, wherever he went, Blake saw visions from the other world, from angels in a hayfield, to apparitions of monks in Westminster Abbey. He talked with the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary as well as other historical figures.”

I hope my 2014 reflects the enchantment that Blake experienced during his life. Via my stories and story telling, I hope to, from time to time, lose myself in imaginary places. I also hope to enchant others with my writing, allow others to explore the enchanted realms that I first visit.

It’s a simple hope, maybe a childish one, but is it so bad to be childish now and then?

photo by S. Thomas Summers

7 thoughts on “Janurary 1, 2014 – Enchantment

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