Gathering Books: 2014 Reading Challenge

The folks at Gathering Books have issued a 2014 reading challenge. Are you reader? Take a look. If might be fun to participate. I’m going to give it a whirl.

I’ve included the challenge guidelines here. Why not stop by Gathering Books and sign up. Take the challenge!!

Here’s an idea. Why not start with one of my two books!!! (Hey, an author needs to promote himself and his books now and then. Forgive me?)


  1. The Check Off your Reading List Challenge (CORL 2014) would run from 1 January 2013 to 30 December 2014. Sign-ups are open until 30 November 2014. It is never too late to have your bookish resolutions.
  2. There are three levels of participation:
    • Level 1 (10 books or less) – Bonafide Bookworm
    • Level 2 (11-25 books) – Book Savant
    • Level 3 (over 25 Books) – Rabid Bibliophile
  3. You can come up with your own reading list. It can be as imaginative or as prosaic as you wish it to be.
  4. The list does not have to consist of actual book titles, it can belong to books coming from a specific genre (e.g. read more picture books this year), from a specific era (e.g. classic children literature from 1800-1950s, best 2013 children’s books), or theme (e.g. award-winning-titles, LGBT issues).
  5. We know that you must be participating in a number of reading challenges, so you’re more than welcome to have your reviewed books overlap with other reading challenges you will be joining for 2014 (we’d probably do the same thing).
  6. You would have to write your reviews of what you have read for this challenge. The reviews do not have to be long. It could just be one-liners or your starred rating in Goodreads. We would be creating a page where you can put the links up for your reviews (watch out for this). It would be good to check out other people’s reading lists and perhaps add a few to our own.
  7. No, you do not need a blog to participate. Goodreads, Shelfari members are welcome to join – a weblink that leads us to your post should be enough. Or leave a comment in this blog post about your progress.

I hope to read about 15 books this year. That would make me a Book Savant.


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