Fifteen Minutes

THE Red KnightTrumpets blared. The enemy was upon us.

My son, Sir Garrett, parted the folds of cloth that served as a door to my tent. A cold as it was outside, his hair was damp with sweat. His armor was dented, tarnished from previous battles. On his tunic, stitched with gold thread, a cross. His sword was drawn.

“Father,” he yelled. “Rise and make ready for war. The goblins have crept from their caves under the cover of night. They attack. We must hold them here until dawn.”

My son, my boy…now a man, now my hero. I leapt from my bed. Pulled on my boots and the same tunic my son wore, red with a golden cross. I pulled my sword from its sheath and started for the tent opening.

“Your armor, father,” scolded my son. ” Tis a battle we go to. Prepare.”

“Armor will not alter our fate, my son. Tonight, we live or die. Even an armor fashioned with dragon scales could not change that.”

Garrett smiled and turned toward the night. I followed him.

Less than fifteen minutes later…the clash of steel.


9 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes

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  4. I like it; I like it. Bet your son’s crazy about it. It’s so interesting to discover that you’ve done this right before Christmas. I’m actually working on some stories to make into booklets for my great nieces and nephews for Christmas. Each story will have that niece or nephew as its “hero.” My only problem is that I’m running out of time: there are FOUR of them!


  5. Hey, Scott, I solved my problem! I decided to combine some ideas and write just ONE story, with all four of them as the heroes. I’ve created a separate cover for each one that will have his or her own picture on the front, emphasizing that the story features them.

    It was a real exercise in discipline because it naturally had to be about dinosaurs and/or dragons, because they are all into that stuff right now — big time. And, of course, it had to include some other elements of that theme, such as knights, ladies, and castles. But they are all still so young that I had another problem. My dragon had to be mean enough to require that the inhabitants of the kingdom be rescued from it, but he had to be benign enough that he didn’t cause any nightmares. I think I managed it. And thank God for some generous clip art creators whose “friendly” dragon helped me create the cover and the pictures inside.


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