Covet, Want, Take (Some Time)

A good place to wonder.

It’s ironic to speak of coveting and covetousness the day after Thanksgiving, but yet I do covet. Money? Yes, more money would make things easier. I’m not a wealthy man and need to be as thrifty as possible; yet, the Lord has blessed me. I have a good job (professor/teacher). My bills get paid and, basically, I have all that I need…and want. So, do I covet money? No.

Fame? I’m a writer, an author. Of course I’d enjoy being known. If my book signings and reading were habitually mobbed, I’d be very please. Still, these events are not mobbed. They are attended and those who read my books enjoy them, but I’m not the attraction Stephen King is. Quite honestly, I don’t need to be. Why? I’m happy. Therefore, fame would be great, but I don’t long for it.

Time? Bingo!! I covet time. I want to spend more time with my family, even though I spend a lot of time with this special group of people already. I also would like more time to write. When I write, I transcend this world and enter the world I’m creating. exhilarating. Finally, I’d like more time to sit quietly and wonder. A wandering mind is, in my opinion, a blessed mind. I travel to spectacular places and experience adventure and after adventure all while sipping a cup of hot coffee. Besides, when I return, I write.

I’m thankful for a few days off. Today, I’ll be still and wonder.


10 thoughts on “Covet, Want, Take (Some Time)

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