Figurative Experience

Writers write and in doing so, they create worlds. “You want to create a world that is believable, yet fascinating, which is why finding the right setting for your story is crucial. One way to create a setting in writing a story and practice your hand at observing details is by doing some of your own “hands on” research. For example, if you are setting your story in a small seaside town on the East Coast, go to an actual town near the ocean in the East. Make note of the details you see, smell, hear, touch, and taste, and what the vibe of the town is. Then use those notes along with the sensory details of your experience to create a setting that will invite the reader to come along on the journey with the story’s characters. After all, even the most minute details in writing your story can help a setting come alive to the reader.”

I write primarily about history. Both of my books are set in the 1860’s, during America’s Civil War. I can research the time period, but research is not enough. I need to imagine. I closes my eyes and slip back in time and smell the time period, feel it, taste it, live it. As HG Wells would argue, I travel in time.

My point is simple. Details are important, but you need to write from a platform of more than just knowledge. You need to write from a platform of experience Sometime, to gain that experience, a writer needs to imagine.

Go craft your world!


9 thoughts on “Figurative Experience

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