What Will You Do Today?

This is from an article in the November 9, 2013 edition of the New York Times.

So can contemporary writers — and nonwriters who are overwhelmed by email, i.e., pretty much everyone I know — take away any lessons from our literary ancestors’ less fraught relationship with correspondence? One possible tactic is to set aside a portion of each day for email and deal with it only at that time — to process email in batches, treating it like a daily delivery from the postman rather than a constant slow drip of communication.

If we all dealt with our emails is such a way, might we set aside time for other tasks and activities? Here is a list of activities I attempt to make time for each day.

1. Prayer

2. Reading the Bible

3. Writing (letters, journals, manuscript development)

4. Pondering/Wondering/Imagining

5. Laughing (with each member of my family)

What’s on your list?



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