Literature Teacher: Captain Crunch???

Within the past month, I’ve reread and taught several pieces of fine literature. My students and I, faced the likes of Smaug and Grendel while studying The Hobbit and Beowulf. I’ve also spent some time with the Loman family as I read and taught Death of a Salesman. More recently, I’ve plunged through a jungle, killing pigs and building huts as I stepped through Lord of the Flies. Finally, I’m on the verge of plunging into hell with my old friends Dante and Virgil. Yes, I love literature. I love reading. I love words. This morning I was reminded where my love of words began. As a child, slurping up the sweet goodness of a sugared cereal, while reading the back of a Captain Crunch box.

Each morning, before school or Saturday cartoons, I’d sit at the kitchen table, after saying my prayers, and read about Captain Crunch’s adventures. I’d read about the prizes I could win my earning box tops. I discover some interesting fact about the sea. And the next morning I’d read it all again. Yes, perhaps digested a bit too much sugar because I also enjoyed Frosted Flakes and Super Sugar Crisp, but I did so much enjoy reading those boxes.

So go read, but watch your sugar.


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