In the Garden with Jesse James

Generally, I’m not one for skulls. I like to know there’s one holding my brain in place, but I don’t need to see it (or any other for that matter); however this skull, adorned with flowers well illustrated today’s post.

I’m excited to post this piece for I haven’t been able to post an original poem for some time. That’s just it. Time I have not. Since school began, I’ve been busy. While I always find time to figuratively write ( my brain, that piece of meat resting in my skull is always creating), I am often wishing for a moment to transform those figurative words, those thoughts, into actual words. Thankfully, I was able to do that this morning.

Here’s a look at what I conjured. Yes, I may revise here and there, but I thought it turned out pretty well. It’s the newest piece in my developing manuscript Breath of a Devil: the Untold Story of the Outlaw Jesse James.


Old Abe’s blue boys done take a strangle hold
on Missouri tighter than a stink on a corpse
and none of us in Clay County liked the smell of it.
We wasn’t united with no states of America,

but it wasn’t lookin’ like the South was fightin’
to wrap its arms around us Southern loyals
so that meant we was on our own. So then,
Frank and Jesse started thinkin’ of ways

to spit in Abe’s eye and stab him while
he was stugglin’ to see.  Jesse thought he’d
ride to Washington and plant a bullet
in Abe’s head, but Jesse’s horse wasnt

up for a ride like that, so he settled
for plantin’ bullets in the brain’s
of some other folk and Jesse turned
out to be a right good gardener.


3 thoughts on “In the Garden with Jesse James

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