Daily Prompt: Future

WordPress suggested that poets present FUTURE today. A poet myself, I decided to do just that.

The poem presented here is from my developing manuscript Breath of a Devil: the Untold Story of the Outlaw Jesse James. The poem is spoken through the voice of Silas Thatch, a fictitious friend of Jesse James. Silas, here, alludes to the murderous violence of Jesse’s future.

Jesse James

Blue Fire

There’d be days Jesse and me would sneak away,
say we were mending fences where our
properties met no eyes, but we skit out to unearth
our stash of guns and bullets. Shootin’ turned
Jesse into somethin’ wonderful and terrible.
He bloomed like a flower, happy as heaven
but seemed to rage too. Not hollerin’.
He was always calm and quiet like,
always in control of his passions and hates,
but he raged still the same. His eyes held something
evil, something to be feared.  The blue in them burned,
like blue fire. Sometimes I felt the heat they done born.
And that was shed even before Jesse pulled a trigger.


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