Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect

Ludwig van Beethoven

Today, WordPress suggests writing about talent, a talent desired. At first, I began thinking about all the things those super beings with capes can do. You know…leap tall buildings in a single bound, bend the course of mighty rivers, etc. But really, are these things talents or abilities? They’re abilities. What talent do I wish for?

Music. I want to create music.

I’m a writer. I’ve written two well-reviewed books. No, they’re not making me wealthy, but they have made me happy. I created two stories about two American Civil War soldiers. Said creation is what makes me happy. I love to imagine and to build worlds and lives with my imagination.

In much the same way, I believe musicians and composers build worlds and lives. Listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz, Vivaldi, Wagner, etc. Close your eyes and let their music envelop you. You’ll see a story, feel it. You’ll enter a new world and return to yours changed…for the better. I wish I was able to create music, to create worlds with music.

Here’s a favorite piece of mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSIVfnsSOns


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect

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  4. I would love to make music. I used to play the flugelhorn and the cornet in my younger days. Although I could read the music, I couldn’t put into a decent form. Being tone deaf has major disadvantages in that area


      1. Thank you, I appreciate that.

        Even my singing sounds good to me. My kids aren’t so keen. I do get the odd note right. Maybe not for the right song or the right tune, but it’s right for something


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  6. Wow! I love to write and I love history, but lack the imagination to create worlds and characters of my own. Call me envious.

    As for music, that seems to be the subject of many daily posts today, including mine. I don’t desire anything as lofty as composing classical music with different parts for the various members of the orchestra. I just want to be able to play the piano like my mother did. In my mind, I can still hear ‘Love is a Many Splendored Thing.’


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