Why I Visit Books

English: Open book icon

Books. Each one holds a promise. Books promise to, for a time, become your world, to surround you with that world, with the life that swirls across their pages and between their covers. Open a book and you open a window, a door. Step in. Live in that world. Breathe its air. Walk across its words. Feel them beneath your feet like a new earth. This is where flowers grow and monsters snarl and heroes die and lovers love.

Enter a book store and enter a treasure trove, a dragon’s hoard of wealth, a chest of pirate’s plunder. Pilfer all the bounty you can.  I dare you. Read a book. Fly within it. Sail the high seas within it. Go to war within it. And then, once you step from its pages and close it…enter another one.  Where will it take you? Let me know. What is your favorite book to visit?

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13 thoughts on “Why I Visit Books

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