The Book and the Brick: Why Make More?

Fellow blogger and author MJ Wright recently expressed his belief, on his blog MJ Wright: a Blog about Writing, Reason, and Stuff, that writing is a buyer’s market.

According to Wright, […]the main hurdle writers face is that it’s a buyer’s market.

The chief characteristic of a buyer’s market is that producers are not valued by those who buy their products. But wait, I hear you say, what about J K Rowling? Or Stephenie Meyer? Dan Brown?

I’m not talking about occasional authors who become household names. I’m talking about the everyday author, journalist, writer  who sells to buyers (media and publishers) that are flooded with people who write.

I admit I’m no JK Rowling. Perhaps I will be someday, but today I’m not. I’m just an “occasional” author. I’ve written two books. Both books, poem by poem, tell a story set during America’s Civil War and, if I’m honest, I think they’re both pretty damn good. Read them. See for yourself. Good or not, great or not, both of my books sell, as Mr. Wright’s suggests, occasionally. So, why do it? Why write? Why invest the time, effort, and, may I add, the blood, sweat, and tears?

Wright ends his piece with an apt metaphor. He writes, But it’s the nature of writing. If a brick-maker was treated with contempt every time they tried to sell a brick they’d soon stop making bricks and do something worthwhile.

Writers don’t. Writers keep writing. And those to whom they sell their writing know it.

Yes, I am a brickmaker and my books are my bricks. Yes, bricks abound. There are too many bricks, Why make any more? For me…that’s why. I make my bricks and write my books for me. But then, why do I need to, and I do. Honestly, I really don’t know. Do you?


Please visit Mr. Wright’s blog. It’s well worth the time spent. There’s a link provided on the top of this post. There is also one below.


4 thoughts on “The Book and the Brick: Why Make More?

  1. agirlwhowrites

    Thanks for the link! I’ve often pondered this myself, and as I begin to lose my hair from the stress and heartache that writing generally causes me, I think the bottom line is that I want to continuously be better at something. It’s really hard (in my own humble opinion) to get worse at writing. And what better to stretch and expand your mind and soul than writing? It’s the ultimate brain exercise and self-exploration technique.

    Although, I must say, If I end up being J.K. Rowling someday, I’m okay with that, too. 😛


    1. Yeah, buckets of money would be great.

      I like your comment – “I think the bottom line is that I want to continuously be better at something. It’s really hard (in my own humble opinion) to get worse at writing.” Lord willing, we won’t get any worse.

      Take care. Comment again. Thanks.


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