Daily Prompt – Imagine

Today’s WordPress prompt tasks all takers to imagine. The photo posted below, snapped just a few hours ago, leads me to imagine in two ways. One, I generally don’t present my photos in black and white. While framing the shot, I thought black and white might fit the scene. Yes? No? Also, I started to imagine, if a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, what words would this photo engender, what thoughts, what story? So, here a challenge for you. Please comment below. If my photo tells a story, share with me the first line of that story, as you see it. Here’s my first line – well, my first few lines.

By the tracks – they stood by the tracks. Tall wooden poles, thick as trees – power lines sagging deeply between them. Tall wooden poles thrust into the earth – crosses at Golgotha.

photo by S. Thomas Summers


12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Imagine

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  2. Okay, here’s the way my story begins. And it didn’t take much imagination because it really happened.

    “They say you don’t remember anything from when you’re two. But I remember. The little train was called “The Dingy,” and it carried Mommy and me from Fort Wayne, IN, where Daddy was in school, to visit Grandma in Marion, IL. Mommy and Daddy and I had almost no money back then, but my life was rich …….”


      1. I hadn’t thought about it until today, but now that the picture prompt got me thinking about those years, I’m actually thinking about writing the story for my By the Book blog. I have some terrific pictures to go with it, so I just might. If I do I’ll include a copy of your picture too, and link back to your post so maybe some others will do the same.


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