Meet Silas Thatch, an Outlaw’s Bosom Buddy

This is the first poem in my developing manuscript, Breath of a Devil: the Untold Story of the Outlaw Jesse James. The poem introduces my narrator, a fictional character named Silas Thatch. I share it here to introduce my new readers to my new project. Also, the poem well fits today’s WordPress Daily Prompt.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!!


I’m guessin’ you’d like to know my name,
but, truth be told, I’m not much for truth,
so I reckon I’ll lock my name down deep

where it can sleep as sweet and sound
as a babe rockin’ in the love of its mama’s arms,
but you can call me Silas. That’s what I been callin’

myself for a time now – Silas Thatch.
It’s gotta sound to it I like. Besides, a thatch
covers my home from sun and stars

just like I’m coverin’ my name from your mind
and eyes. Aint that funny. I’m old now.
My beard is thicker than a bucket full

of sand and grayer than a corpse so memories
been squeekin’ away from me like a herd or scared mice,
but I ain’t forgot nothing about Jesse James,

best and worst man I ever known.
And like ya asked, if you keep my throat full
of whiskey, I’ll tell ya all about that heathen,

son-of-a-bitch, man killin’, ghost maker.
So, buy me a bottle. Better yet, buy me two, but remember,
truth and me aint always hitched to the same horse.


8 thoughts on “Meet Silas Thatch, an Outlaw’s Bosom Buddy

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  5. I LOVE THIS! And where did you get such a perfect picture? Did you get someone to pose for it especially to go with the poem, or did you just “find” it? Or is that a secret, along with Silas’ real name?


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