A bit stressed, and little calms the waters more than a poem. Indulge me?

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I’ll cool

my thoughts
in the shade

that slips
from oak leaf

to oak leaf,

as chocolate,
sweet and silent,

before I dare to consider
one of them.


Long and Slow

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Later today, I begin the long, arduous task of polishing my screenplay. I want to plunge into my next project, another screenplay, but I need to follow the same advice I faithfully offer my students: revise, revise, revise. Hopefully, in a few days, it will shine as sunlight glinting off a hero’s sword.

Into Sleep

Although I’m now an in-house screenwriter for a studio, I still love poetry; therefore, today, I’ll settle into a poem. Here’s a bit of dreams and fantasy.

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Into Sleep

A dragon settles into sleep
as a stone sinks into the mire,
a pond’s bottom, that soft silt

that swallows time,
binding all to silence and peace,
but dragons rise from legend’s loam

as roses from the earth,
each thorn a fang,
each petal a spew of fire.

Last Night…

Image result for movie tools still lifeAlthough my first screenplay still needs a polish, last night, I wrote the first six pages of a new screenplay. I needed to chew on something new and fresh. The second is very different than the first. The change was and is needed. The first is drawn from historical events. The second is drawn simply from my imagination.

Yesterday, I also started exploring screenwriters’ guilds. Sooner or later, I’ll need to join… so the studio folks say.

I wish I knew more about the business end of movie making. I often feel lost. It’s all a shifting fog. That needs to change.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about my stories’ plots, but for now, mum’s the word.

A Poem Now And Then

This blog was crafted to share my poetry and I once posted a poem almost everyday. Since I’ve been tasked by a movie studio to write a screenplay, most of my writing time is spent in movie mode. Still, I can still write a poem now and then.

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A Poem Now and Then

Just a short one,
a few words
sprinkled on a moment

as sugar on a slice
of buttered toast.
It need not boast,

trumpet the majesties
of death and love,
but only squeak

a silly noise,
a boy blowing a toy bugle,
rousting the world from sleep

in the sunlight,
smeared and creamy,
across his backyard.

It’s Finished

Image result for screenplayMy screenplay is finished. All it needs is a polish. If all goes well, it will packaged sometime this fall. What does it mean to package a screenplay? I just found out myself.

“[…]we can broadly define packaging a film as tying multiple creative elements to a film project. Those elements can be actors, directors, producers or others in any combination of two or more. How they get tied and what purpose the package is supposed to serve varies.

A typical packaging of a film might include a short list of the main actors who are willing to commit to being in the film, a name director and/or cinematographer who agrees to work on the film and/or a handful of producers who are committed and tied to the production. The package is put together long before the project is a sure thing bound for production. In fact, it’s often one of the factors that affect whether the project gets a green light or not.”

I’m fairly confident this project will get a green light, but we’ll see.

I’m learning more and more about this business day by day. It’s exciting and overwhelming.

I’ll keep you posted.