The Science of Autumn

The birch trees in my backyard, their leaves, I noticed this morning, have begun to turn, to shed their green, a green replaced by golden yellow. That got me thinking.

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The Science of Autumn

Three pixies, a sprite,
and two fairies toiled,
harvesting sprigs

of goldenrod
from the stems
that reach above

the bog
to color the birch leaves
with autumn’s hue,

but the cat crept,
as cats do, too close
and all this magic

sped away,
between the cottonweed stalks,
where dragonflies nap,

and the grasses
webbed with spider silk.



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I let the dragonfly
that settled
on my cup’s rim
enjoy the steam,
which was laced
with enough sugar
to tempt
the sprite to battle
the wind a bit longer,
to keep its balance,
wings splayed
as fragile as glass.


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Here’s some Iron Ink Publications news.

  1. My completed screenplay is moving along. Slowly, it’s becoming a movie.
  2. My second screenplay is 25 pages deep.
  3. I know have Iron Ink business cards, a checking account, and a debit card. I’m a real entrepreneur. Never thought that would happen.
  4. Oh, and I’m trying to enhance my social media presence. I have a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I’ve no idea what I should post, but there you have it. (Please, you’re invited to follow me on both Facebook and Instagram.)

September is just two days away. I’m looking forward to autumn and what this autumn will bring. I think it will be exciting. What are your plans? What are your hopes?


I needed one today. Walk with me?

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It begins with a stride
or perhaps a small step:
trivial, mundane,
but needed.
Quickly, quite unaware,
you’ve stumbled
beneath a cool film
of shadow,
where the trees
weave their limbs
into a canopy
that cradles the sun,
inviting butterflies,
as blue as sorrow,
to waltz with sprites
who sing the songs
of oak and elm,
softly humming
each note to sleeping trolls
just around the bend.

And the Popcorn is Better

This morning, I read an article titled Prejudging the Movies – When the “Buzz” Gangs Up. It originally appeared in the Washington Post.

“Today, the forces of entertainment marketing, social media and grievance culture are increasingly colliding, with the casualty being the movies themselves. Why wait to actually see “The Irishman,” Martin Scorsese’s long-gestating project about Jimmy Hoffa and the mob, when you can start fact-checking it months before it opens?”

Because we love story. We love adventure. Because we need an escape. Going to a movie is a two-hour escape. Yes, sometimes said escape is not worth the price of admission, but sometimes…WOW!! That adventure is worth every penny.

“Moviegoing is magic. All kidding aside, you’re more likely to be affected by a film’s mojo if you see it theatrically. At home, you might be inclined to pick up the phone if it rings, or throw in a load of laundry while you watch, or hit the pause button for a potty break. At a theater, you block out all the outside distractions and simply sit. Watching a movie uninterrupted allows you to be more fully transported into its world. That’s what movies are all about – escaping from reality for two hours. It only makes sense to give yourself the freedom of forgetting about all the other stuff for a while. You’ve earned it.”

Do you enjoy a good movie? Is it worth the trip? Is it worth the money? Why do you go to the movies? Hopefully, you do.

At Some Point

Wow!! This has happened to us all. So very profound. I’m happy to possess volumes of memories, of adventures, that inform and inspire the poetry and stories I write today. Still, imagine being 12-years-old, with a trusted, valued group of friends, dashing around a playground, a ballfield, knowing you’ll never do it again, that the afternoon’s “see ya laters” kinda meant goodbye.