This one is inspired by a WordPress Daily Prompt, today’s prompt in fact. Why walnuts? Beats me.

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A walnut
pinched between
a squirrel’s teeth,
round and green
like a bud about to bloom,
to be hidden
in the dark
of a tree’s hollow
where, when the cold snarls,
life retreats to warm,
to eat.


Light with Sugar

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Light with Sugar

The cream clouding my coffee,
it billows, tumbles

as your hair spills
over your shoulders,

the ocean blooming
over these rocks,

white, like promise
or faith,

like the cream
swirling in my coffee.

Black Dirt

I live just south of Orange County New York, a county known for, among other things, its famed Black Dirt Region.

“The Black Dirt Region takes its name from the dark, extremely fertile soil left over from an ancient glacial lake bottom augmented by decades of past flooding of the Wallkill River. The 26,000 acres (10,400 ha) of muck left over is the largest concentration of such soil in the United States outside the Florida Everglades.

For reasons I can’t explain, just fancy I guess, I started to think of reasons why that black dirt is so black, so fertile. Here’s what I discovered. Mind you, I tend to stroll the streets of wonder and merriment.

Black Dirt – Orange County, New York
Black Dirt Region in Orange County, New York
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Black Earth Dragons

Black Earth

Orange County, New York

Black as ash, you might say,
and the truth wouldn’t be far from ya.
See, that dirt, as soft as night,
and just as dark, years past,
was blasted by dragon fire.
Anything burdened with that heat
blackens as deep as fear
and that flame etches in a magic
sparking most anything to sprout.
Onions grow as big as a fat man’s head.
Tomatoes, by God, are so juicy
Paul Bunyan’s hanky couldn’t wipe
all the squirt from your chin.
But I heard rumors that if ya find some way
to scrape a poem from a sheet of paper
and plant that ink in that dire soil
then dragons, a small as mice,
will pop-up like weeds,
spitting flame and myth,
turning everything real into dreams,
which, perhaps, are realer still.