Most of what I write is written on the run. For good or ill, most of my poems are written on my cell phone. That explains why my poems are short and often laden with typos. I’m not a good phone typist…big hands. Those buttons are so tiny.

Writers, when do you write?

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If I wrote
a longer poem

the cherries
would soften,

their sugar
might seep,

in the white bowl

beneath their

and I’d never
enjoy a taste.


The Old Pine is Dead

My wife noticed this morning that a tall pine on our property has died. Here’s a eulogy of sorts.

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The Old Pine is Dead

It no longer whispers its stories.
The brown sparrows

and the jays, as blue as mourning,
that light its brittle limbs listen,
but that deep voice is gone,

that history sinks deep,
beneath the sod and clay.


I’ll be talking about imagery in class next week. My 11th grade students are about to begin a poetry unit. Perhaps I’ll share this piece.

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A gray troll,
its skin as crusted
as stone,
sinks into a sanctuary

of shade
splayed beneath
a tired elm;
it counts the colored

blossoms the afternoon
dabbles on this meadow
as an artist dabbles
color on a canvas,

as a poet wets
a mind with light.

February 12, 2019

Ice and snow. Yesterday, my area of the world was bitten by both. As the winter swirled, through my living room window, I spied a mourning dove perched on a large, green pine.

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February 12, 2019

The ice that flies,
that taps the window,
scrape and tink,

batters a dove
perched on the green pine.
The bird shrinks

deep into itself,
close to its heart
where even that blood

begins to ache
with cold.

Thoughts on Fantasy

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I’ve discovered a wonderful new blog, new to me, that I find myself returning to again and again. It’s titled Thoughts On Fantasy: a Blog about the Worlds, Conventions, and Curiosities of Fantasy Fiction.

The blog’s creator and author, Nicola Alter, writes “Thoughts on Fantasy is my way of sharing my fantasy obsession with other like-minded souls. It’s a blog about fantasy fiction in all its forms: epic, paranormal, romantic, dark, young adult or otherwise. I mostly focus on novels, but also discuss films and TV shows (and occasionally some science fiction). It’s not so much a review site as a blog about the genre itself, and its many curiosities, conventions, magic systems and invented worlds.”

I encourage you to visit and visit often. Ms. Alter in an intelligent writer who offers all kinds of interesting insights regarding my favorite literature genre, fantasy.