On May 22…

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On May 22, I posted that this blog would take a new path, a new direction, new steps. Poetry has lost it’s appeal, at least for now. I love to read it, but I’ve lost my passion for writing it.

My screenplay is done. Movie executives are reading it. I’m writing a second one, but I can’t post about either project. Secrets!!!

I would very much enjoy posting about my game play, but who among you would be interested in that?

I have an idea, but hoped you could share your ideas. What should I blog about?

I don’t expect many responses, if any at all, but why not try.

Have a great day.



I shared before that quarantine has introduced me to games. Most of the games I play are either fantasy or sci-fi themed; however, I recently discovered a wonderful game that all will enjoy, Ecologies.

Ecologies is a race to build healthy food webs, from biome to scavenger. It easy to learn, educational, and the artwork is fantastic, vintage Victorian.

Your family will love playing, but there is also a solo mode of play.

Ecologies is available on Etsy.

And, no, this is not a paid advertisement. I just enjoy sharing stuff that makes me happy.

Old Fence

Old Fence, New Life: How to Upgrade that Ratty Fence | Man Made ...

Old Fence

Unseen, in the shadow
tucked between the tall picket
and the bramble tangled

with thorns and berries,
perhaps a beast,
a gnome napping

or a goblin crouched,
a trap to nab
the sparrow that weaves

between the twisted thistle
or just a stone,
waiting to crack its mouth,

and, after an age, sing.
I’d look and see,
but sight would slay them all.